Nick Smith, the Informative Fisherman, shows how to fish deep diving crankbaits for Winter time bass using Jenko Fishing’s CD20 featured in the December …


  1. Hey, I was wondering if you or someone could email me back about the LTB I won last month. Still wondering where it is and why no one has tried contacting me. I didn't want to post on public but if this gets me in contact with you it will have been worth it. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Merry Christmas.

  2. in milwaukee wisconsin wit no boat its been tough to find a place deep enough to fish these kinda baits and let alone have any bass in there lol, i mainly just fish the Milwaukee River for some nice 2-3lb smallies, they put up a great fight

  3. Great job Nick…I am one of those that uses a 7 or 8 speed on everything.  It used to be the older reels couldn't handle the torque.  But todays reels handle it just fine.  Even on Deep cranks when needed I do the Paul Elias Kneel and Reel.  Merry Christmas

  4. Loved this one Nick!!! Got the Jenko this month and had no idea where to start, my confidence is in swimbaits. Thanks for all your videos, love watching all of them, they got me started doing my own! Heard you were going to be at ISE this year, do you know what days and where?

  5. Does anybody know the video (i wanna say it was by ltb not 100% on that, but it was with Nick the informative fisherman and I'm pretty sure he was at a pond) where nick caught a fish and when he tossed it back the fishes face got stuck on the bottom of the pond and it was kicking its tail in the air. It made me laugh so hard and I wanted to watch that part again but I can't find the video. Thanks.

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