In this video I talk about the different jigs, techniques, and conditions to throw a jig, check it out!!! This video took me a very long time to edit, so if you enjoy the multi view camera…


  1. Your an awesome representative for your sponsors. That's why you have so much tackle. Excellent. However, I wanted your unbiased take on jig fishing. See ya later.

  2. I just got my first bait caster and I'm loving the interaction, however been fishing a few lakes around southern California and have not even got a bite, any tips will help

  3. Does the size of the craw matter for different styles of jigs? I noticed the finesse jigs craw claws had a slimmer profile then the football head jigs. Additionally, I have noticed that I tend to catchย much larger bass with jigs (PB 11 lb 3 oz) then any other bait.

  4. I am interested in the nutech jigs. I can't find them locally, where are they made? I like the Arkie brand made here in the States but, interested in trying something new.

  5. Dude do you have a video on time and dates to fish? I'm in 100 degree weather and I haven't hooked a hog in 3 weeks ๐Ÿ™ I don't know what's up and in withdrawal.

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