Chase Parsons and Crankbaits for Walleye Fishing.


  1. These are great looking baits and I've done real well on them in situations where I can twitch them. But they are finicky and tend to roll when you need to troll at higher speed or against the flow. I also find the bent in hooks miss a lot of "swipers". You get bumbed a lot but miss fish. When you try changing hooks the bait doesn't work right. You guys are very close, and these are good, but still not great.

  2. Me and a buddy are going up to michigan in a week, I've got a 10 foot Jon boat and 2 hp motor that we can troll from but no fish finder. The lake is a walleye lake that is 450 acres with a max depth of 60 ft and has lots of drop offs. How would you suggest we go for walleye?

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