It’s been a hot summer already here in Texas. With almost no wind, and high humidity, bass fishing on this day was tough. We arrived at the lake around 10AM, but there were still a few topwater…


  1. lmao I just got back from fishing at stillhouse lake in central tx and heard gunshots just like that today and flipped shit. haha funny how i watch this today right after this just happened to me. just when you think you where in a peaceful environment then bam a gunshot haha

  2. question for you LakeForkGuy. I had 3 rods snap on me so far this year, Shimano Sojourn, KVD quantum, and can't remember the third. $50 dollars isn't being the bank but it's a pain to see them break. question is, what type rods do you use?

  3. New angler question here : when using a crank bait in the wooded area (lots of dead wood – no moss) my friends say not to use that bait because you got too caught up on the wood down below that you cant see, and therefore, start loosing a lot of $.

    My questions are: What was the actual name of that crank bait and where can I guy them?
    Did you use any data or information on the water you fished or had you fished it before so you knew the ins-and-outs of the areas?

    Last but not least, how did you not get caught up a million times using any type of crank bait in that wooded water…I've got to know how you did it. Great Job, bro!!!

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