Took the kayak down the to the river that’s 10 minutes from my house to test the stabilizers. Got on the water after 6pm was off by 8pm and in under 2 hours and …


  1. From my experience all the serious bass fisherman launch in the withlacoochee at the ramp off of 41 in dunnellon. For a beginner that looks a lot more complicated fast and deep water. What I did in this video was so simple and relaxing. Little current and no wind and somewhat shallow. I launched by stump knockers the restaurant off 200 because it's close to my house and fish were everywhere I went, that little creek had a lot of small bass but so did all the banks. So I'll be doing that again soon I was getting them from the 2nd cast from the boat ramp. Good luck

  2. Which do you prefer, The Rainbow or the Withlacoochee ? I'm going to take my kayaks and go bass fishing this coming week. I was inspired by your previous video. Now it's just a matter of choosing. 🙂

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