Mark helps performs studies on a giant 13-pound largemouth bass while working with the ShareLunker program in Texas. He also gets a chance to catch a giant of his own… For more videos from…


  1. Jacob I hear your Passion my man. However, If you have a Chance to Dance with a HUGE LADY on a Bed and Record your Dance, From Cast to Presentation Movement Hook Set FIGHT Land KISS Take some Sweet Photo's Give her a Kiss Goodbye and Seal her back to her Nest you wouldn't do it ?? YOU LIER !! L M F A O !! FISH ON Catch Photo & Release is Working !!!

  2. they are going to spawn whether you catch them or don't catch them….and i have caught plenty of bed fish enough to know that if you catch one they will return to the same bed

  3. You don't have basic skills down. Every single aspect of your "shot" at that fish was flawed. Starting with the choice of the color of your clothes, finishing with that "Yank." (I wouldn't even call that a hook set) Granted, a fish like that will do that to you. Go and catch about 500 bass first, before focusing on a "trophy." At least you'll be ready next time.

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