South Florida freshwater bass fishing in canals using topwater baits, Gambler EZ swimmers and shiners. ⇊ CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS! ⇊ ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭RIG & TACKLE USED IN…


  1. Brian you blew it if you hit Darcie with that swing & made her go swimming.. You Tube wouldn't be able to keep up hits..Your a good man & not sleeping in the Dog house alone, but I know we all visioned it..sorry D

  2. That is just like me and Austin he normally catches all the fish while I have nothing. the other day he caught 15 fish (12 Bass and 3 Crappie) I caught 6 (5 bass and 1 Crappie) then the next day he caught 2 bass.

  3. Brian all I use is spinning reels. I am a firm believer that you can get a better hook set with spinning reels than baitcasters , and I have fished alot of bass tournaments. Darcie you will get them next time. Keep on fishing

  4. Don't tread on me! or Cizzle.
    I think the tire swing with the rim has the rim to add a risk factor for who will be on the swing when the rim cuts through the rope? 🙂

  5. Great vid! Brian, you were laughing so hard at D dodging the tire/wheel swing, it made me LOL too! And you were slaying fish for a change too! D was happy for 'ya, but we can tell she's got that competitive spirit! C'mon D, B deserved a 'that's my man' & a peck on the cheek! Legit. All that time filming & editing, while you get the money shots. Lmbo! Just messin' with ya! ☮️

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