Florida B.A.S.S. Nation HS St. Johns River Tournament

What is up ladies and gentlemen? So March 10-12 Caleb and I were in Palatka, Florida for a Florida B.A.S.S. Nation HS Tournament. We had two days to practice in which we kind of just had a lot of fun exploring the bodies of water. The St. Johns River was a really cool place. In practice we didn’t find much, but we were able to come up with a plan for the tournament. During the tournament we were able to fill out our limit, but were unable to find any kickers. We finished in 15th place with about eight and a half pounds. If you haven’t seen part one make sure you check it out the LINK IS BELOW. I hope you guys enjoyed watching, if you did SUBSCRIBE and help me reach 200 subs! THANKS FOR WATCHING!

St. Johns River Practice (part 1)

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