Me and Craig go out to find a lot of schooling bass are feeding on small shad in open water. These fish can often be difficult to catch. Matching the hatch is the …


  1. Excellent tip. Question for you. What exactly does it mean when you say "the bass are under a lot of pressure"? Are you referring to the weather pressure, or are you saying they are pressured to strike when there are schools of bait fish?

  2. I would like to know what lakes you are fishing at sometimes you say and sometimes you don't, I know you don't like to give away your lakes but its just out of curiosity. If you could put the names in the description or in the video!

  3. Hey I was wondering if you could do a video on how to fish a plastic worm properly. I'm a big spinner bait & rooster tail kind of guy. But I've never caught a bass off of a soft plastic. It's just not one of my best qualities. I'm mainly a crappie fisherman. But I'm trying to better myself with bass, but I've never had luck. Thanks I'd greatly appreciate it – Devin Henson. Louisville, KY

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