In this JUST THE TIP video I show you one of my tips for managing terminal tackle, especially tungsten weights. FISH WHEELER LAKE TOURNAMENT: …


  1. Great video! Never thought about the safety pin thing before. Genius! I fish from a canoe mostly and really appreciate any tips I find on managing my tackle. I have so much of it it can be tricky trying to keep it all easily accessible and within reach.

  2. Newbie question! Was drifting while fishing the bank and anytime I caught a fish I would end up being pulled either all kinds of jammed in the vegitation or thrown way off my course. Any tips on fishing while not anchored?

  3. Awesome tips, having the hooks and weights in my PFD will save me from having to reach behind me into my crate and pull out my terminal tackle box. It will also reduce the chances of, me knocking something into the water and losing it.

  4. very cool, never would have thought to use a stick of hot glue!  I have used small paper clips for my hooks before, keeps them very organized.  Great stuff Chad, keep em comin!

  5. Kristie is even from the south like Vanna White, so she's the total package! Here's a good and cheap way to keep your treble hooks on crankbaits from tangling. Tiny rubber bands from the Dollar Store; usually found in the hair aisle. Fold the trebles back along the lure body and wrap the treble hooks a few times with the rubber bands. I cut them off and make sure I keep the cut sections in a little ziplock for proper disposal.

  6. I keep one of these strong thin round magnets glued to both inside walls of my kayak. Comes in handy when switching out hooks and lures and you need a free hand, stick it to the magnet and its always right where you left it.

  7. I really like all of your videos and learn a ton from them. My son and I are just getting into Kayak fishing and are loving it. Thank you for your service and what you are doing now.

  8. Hey Chad, I am in the search for another rod, I have a 7'1" medium heavy fast action that I use for jigs, Texas rigs, carolina rigs, frogs and flipping trees and I have a 7' medium heavy moderate that I use for spinnerbaits and some other lighter lures, but I want to get into cranking a little more and the 7' medium heavy gets the job done for what little bit I do, but I was curious as to what your thoughts were for a rod that I can run anything from squarebills to deep divers on. Will the 7' medium heavy moderate work or should I get something else?

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