Please watch: “Epic Lingcod Fishing in Monterey with Native Anglers and Ish with Fish” –~– I’ve been fishing a Ned Rig a lot more lately and I…


  1. I've only fished the ned rig twice and it only took for me to try it once and now it's one of my favorite after the texas rig 😁👍 The only issue is that at times i can't tell apart a bite from a snag and i end up missing a fish,like on this video with the first fish you stopped and asked yourself if it was a fish,but practice makes perfect and great video by the way

  2. I've tryed the ned rig but didn't have the right jig so now I now what I need. Thanks I'll try next time I get to fish. but the fish ain't eating anything that sucks. but thanks for sharing God bless

  3. the z man trd tubez I got in a mystery tackle box…it said to use with this ned…have yet to snag one and give it a try but ill grab one this weekend..i really like the feel of their baits…very soft and unlike the usually hard or gummy ones out there

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