Finesse Fishing 101, Bass Fishing Learn the proper way to fish light line and smaller lures. From drop shot, shaky head, ned rig, wacky rig, small jigs, spoons …


  1. great video good info. had a question for you what would you suggest for some that wants to finesse fish such as drop shot for bass here in California, in Los Angeles county. I don't have a whole lot of money and in the process of moving but would like to invest in a decent drop shot set up. what would u suggest rod and reel, or rod and reel combos. price range, brands etc. if you can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. thank you in advance.

  2. Great advice! Can you explain best way to set reel drag on a finess setup? I typically keep the drag set hard, specifically for hard hooksets. However, being new to finess techniques, I am under the impression to keep the drag light, to avoid line breakage and bending hooks out. I am having good sucess with this technique, but still leaning to tone it down.
    I tried to email you.

  3. A lot of good information. I had to laugh when you hooked up a small piece of the roboworm and paired it with a small jig head. My brother and I were doing that 20 yrs ago when 4 inch worms were the fad. You left out tube lures which can also work well with a small jig head or drop shotted. Keep em coming, I like all the good info.

  4. Nice video. Always wanted to add this technique to my repertoire. The drop shot instruction was very detailed. I am that "guy" who plucks the line. Any advice on how long you leave it in one spot before you retrieve?

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