Finding Creek Spotted and Smallmouth Bass — ft. iBobber

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Yes I know there is a lot of talking in this video, the main purpose was to give you guys my personal opinion on the latest portable fish finder that is helping anglers worldwide land more fish. Rest assure though that there are some pretty decent catches in this video so if you are here to simply see me catch my PB river spot and some decent smallies then skip to about the 4min 48sec mark to see the first catch. I truly hope you enjoyed the video please leave me some feedback or ask me a question in the comment section below or in email format (my email is below). Thanks again and good fishing!

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Weather Conditions:
Precipitation: None
Sky: Clear skies
Air Temperature: 60-62oF
Wind: 6mph SW
Time: 12pm-3pm CTS

Water Conditions:
Average Depth: 5in-2ft
Vegetation: Very sparse grass
Cover: fallen timber/brush
Bottom content: gravel and silt
Water Clarity: 5ft visibility
Water Temperature: 58oF

Jon’s pattern:
Rig: Neko Rig
Lure: 4.25in Bass Pro Shops Stick-O
Weight: Zinc hardwar nail
Hook: Size 3 Gamakatsu Octopus hook
Color: Green pumpkin violet flake
Line: 12lb Seaguar Invizx
Rod: 6’ 8” medium casting rod
Reel: Shimano Metanium 101HG 7.4:1


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