Fall Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques: Lake Fork Lipless Cranks

Here’s some tips and techniques for fall bass fishing on lake Fork with a lipless crank bait. Thanks for watching and remember to hit that like button if you enjoyed …



  1. Nick Cavazos

    As I mention I your top 5 stream I just got 1/4 Oz gold trap the other day and I also picked up a floating trap. Same size as the 1/2oz but I weighs 1/3 oz. Have you used the floating traps at all?

  2. Connor Snoga

    With Tactical Bassin pushing out quantity over quality, I really feel like you are now providing the absolute best info on YouTube. Thanks again for helping us out.

  3. BlueBass1954

    Good show. wish we had grass in our lake, are using traps for schooling fish. At one time a few years ago I was on the getting a few traps from bl lures for my guide business. They are great baits, old timer stardards,

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