EASY Largemouth BASS RECIPE! Yum!

Don’t let the holidays keep you from fishing and eating your catch my friends! Get outside and expose yourself to the great outdoors! That new years resolution of losing weight doesn’t have to start in 2016…It can start NOW! Go fishing, walk in the woods…alone….so you’ll burn more calories when running from zombies, pick up something heavy, like your tackle box, exercise, be happy, enjoy life!…..and then go fishing AGAIN! Heck, you might even catch a few if you keep watching VentureTube! Guys use this simple recipe to create a delicious meal that’s a healthier alternative to deep frying and whip yourself back into that good looking fisherman your wife fell in love with…Not this ugly creature lurking around with a stick of graphite.. So get off your butt’s and go fishing already!…the TIME is NOW! C’MON!


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