Big bass of the day at – 2:40 Lures Used: drop shot rig (palomar knot) – 20-24 inch leader, gamakatsu wide gap finesse hook (size 1), picasso cylinder drop shot …


  1. this is awesome I'm from dexter ny which is like 20 min from there!!! love your fishing videos I'm going to be getting into bass fishing this year! hopefully I can get some good ones

  2. 1Rod1Reel how do you feel a bit when using a trick worm? when I used it I felt the line get heavy when I kept bouncing the worm. but I want to know how you feel it when fishing deeper water

  3. man I tell yall what I exactly copied yalls drop shot rig, line, soft plastic,reel/ rod an I caught a nice fat 4 pound small mouth. yall really know what yer doin come ta Saint Albans West Virginia an let a redneck show yall how we fish down here

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