Fishing for bass in a creek has got to be one of the best ways to fish for these creatures. I absolutely love fishing creeks because it is a solid change of pace from …


  1. agree with most….1rod is a db. I remember my first fish I caught. except I don't recall yelling and screaming. Pretty retarded and a sure way to scare off any descent fish hangin round. just my 2 cents. and I know the fan bois are about to go into butthurt mode.

  2. im like 90% sure his balls dipped and thats why he was yelling holy shit and not only bcuz of his camera. ive jumped body in full on spring water and my nuts were the fiedt thing i felt hit the cold like holy shit its no fun

  3. man mike your awesome yell all you want man lol, i love your vids lunkerstv vids are also awesome. Please people if you dont like mikes cheers when he catches fish then go watch other videos…..

  4. Lmao one time during the winter we did a challenge were we went swimming in a frozen pond .we had also brung a 22 rifle and we heard a couple coyotes and we had chased then in our underwear in 3 degree weather tuning through thorns our legs were all cut up

  5. that was definately a "green sunfish". looks very similiar to a bluegill but has a wider mouth like a warmouth. warmouths are more bronzish colored. We come across them occasionaly up here in michigan however the still are kind of rare. As is the warmouth.

  6. I fish this type of river every year in Michigan….. next time take small steps so you do not step into a whole. The whole you stepped in was small but hidden holes can be like stepping off a diving board.

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