Here is my version of a Craft Fur Hollow Fleye minnow pattern. I use it on patterns from 2 to 5 inches, and it is perfect for …


  1. had to subscribe. there are a million tiers on utube but you are the most entertaining and informative at the same time. keep up the great work. you have my thumbs up every time.

  2. Very nice tie! I like how you use craft fur (I'm assuming it's Hairline Dubbins, Inc. Extra Select Craft Fur. I like the tag end bumps you leave to help the fibers splay out. And I really like the funny commentary! Keep it up, great job on the vid!!!

  3. I really liked this video. The instructions were well thought out, importantly making the reasons why something is done easy to understand. I also really liked the narrative. It made me smile and felt like a friend was showing me how. Thanks from the UK – top video.

  4. I'm new to fly tying… And this looks like it could be a technique I'm looking for. so here's my question. if I skip the tail and tie in rubber legs instead would this work as a frog? I'm constantly looking for new frog flies and this looks like it would work.

  5. Great video!! Great fly and sense of humor!……..Subscribed! And looking forward to more great videos too! I tied several of these and am going to try them on the James River in Virginia for large and smallmouth bass and whatever else hits em'! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your fishing videos are really cool and educating for someone like me that's looking to get into fly fishing you should definitely upload more of those. Thanks for the videos

  7. Hi I'm hoping to get into fly fishing what fly rod specs do you think I should get. I'm hoping to not use a strike indicator btw. Also I don't want to fight the fish to long so it doesn't stress out. Thanks for helping me out. -cooper

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