8 February 2015. Video shows how to create and use rattling finesse lures in cold water. The focus is on the “Varmint” with a 2.5″ Z-Man ZinkerZ or Strike King …


  1. Quality fish and quality editing as usual Don! Great work. Im afraid the water is still frozen for us here in Nebraska :(.Another weeks worth of fair weather and we should be out on the water enjoying our own cold water tactics!

  2. Another great video  Paul and I were happy to meet up with you again.   I had to retire the old P-40 kayak. The hull fractured and it was time to move up.  I only caught one the day you shot the video.  I'll be out again with a new fish finder once I get over my dislocated shoulder.  Nice to visit with you again.

  3. Hi Don, just like you shared with me, color, rattle and then big fish!:) That equates to lots of fun and catching the big'ns:)!! Thank you for your fantastic videos.

  4. One tip Don…
    Insert the round end of the rattle first. Actually goes in much easier as the sharp end tends to grab and false channel in the elaztech.

    Jim Elam

  5. My 2nd cameo appearance!!! 😜 Im pretty sure they will be rolling out the red carpet at the boat ramp for me soon! 🐟 I think it's about time ole WidowMaker lights some romantic candles, turns on a little Barry White and has a date with a nail and some zinkers! Don I enjoyed the tips and tricks in this video. The reeling tips were especially helpful with your technique and finesse! Time to put changing the furnace filters on the back burner and give it a shot! Thanks – Brian

  6. Don, you missed your calling. You could have been a world famous surgeon, instead of the world famous fisherman that you are. The way you implanted the rattles in the Zinker would have made Christiaan Bernard envious of your skills! Those rattles must have worked! The bass were plentiful, chunky and pretty in their winter scales. It's always a thrill to catch a smallmouth, I know. The weather there didn't look too cold this time out. I might have survived it myself. So thank you for another great adventure! I enjoyed it to the max! Say hello to Brenda!  — John

  7. Another great video, Don. Sure was a pretty day to fish. I have a grand experiment planned for the Varmint. Will let you know how it comes out. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.  Gary

  8. Awesome video Don. Cool looking rig too. where do you get the jig head from? how deeep do you fishing the ned rig? two thump up :))

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