Fishing Clear Lake CA with Swimbaits.


  1. why would this lake be any different than any other lake in the West/south west as far as using swim baits for bass? I live in AZ and haven't noticed any difference in any time of the year for using big swim baits. They bite in fall/winter/spring/summer….just like jigs, senkos, crank baits..etc They all will work year round…just have to find where the bass are and they'll attack it if they are hungry or you piss them off enough

  2. Rodman Slough has herds of cows in it. Before big swimbaits an such, we would just use the hitch or shad and a bobber in the tules and harvest hawgs like this all day long, sometimes pull up a huge cat as well.

    If its one thing CL has, its fish. Even the bluegills and crappie feed like rabid piranha. One of the few lakes in CA that if you get skunked…its 90%-100% your own fault. lol. Great vid.

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