Bass fishing on the Potomac River after the FLW Tour event, I catch a bass with a tag that says REWARD on it so Billy and Brandon think they are getting 1/3 of …


  1. Scott, no bullshit I had the exact same thing happen to me the other day, snapped my line right after the reel and I saw my braid swimming away, paddles over and grabbed the braid and it slipped right through my fingers. Love your channel and what you guys are doing for the sport.

  2. I would love to see you hammer out some snook with Lawson Lindsey… I miss snook fishing, I grew up in FL and now I live in OH. I love your fishing vids and documentary style, fish on!!!

  3. i hav been fishing mattawoman creek for 14 years now n this year i got two tagged bass same day within 30 min of each other n the first one i got the hat pin n the second one they gave me the hat

  4. Literally the most jerk move you can make is casting in someone else's spot and catching their fish and then being selfish about it and you did this multiple times in this video

  5. Hey keep the the bass videos coming.I really enjoy them.I like how you break down your events…good or bad.Also I got to meet your dad at a CAST event in Texas recently. He is a Hoot! Thankful that he participated in it…as well as the other pros. Thanks to you all!!!

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