One trick to consistently catching fish is to keep an eye out for high percentage spots. About The Hat – The …


  1. Love watching you fish and hearing your enthusiasm. I started telling my friends to watch your videos, and am up to four free TW stickers in the last month alone. Will the o-rings improve the life of my Flukes. They typically don't make it past 3 fish.
    BTW, the one that you missed @ 2:00 was funny as hell.

  2. Do you have a video on boat positioning? If not, have you considered it? Would like to see your perspective on positioning the boat near cover/docks vs. points, submerged structure. Thanks.

  3. I got into fishing because of randomly watching one of your videos.
    At first, I was catching nothing but now I'm starting to land more and more as a result of watching all these videos.


  4. Thank you for the fantastic videos and teaching us the art of the sport. You have no clue how much your advice has helped me catch more fish. May I make one suggestion?
    Being a relatively new Bass fishing junky, I pay very close attention to what you are saying and doing, however, many times you tend not to mention what you have rigged on the end of the line…I can see on this particular video you have a BioSpawn lure and your pitching, but I am interested to know how you rigged the lure. I love all the BioSpawn line, but I need to learn how to properly rig these awesome lures… Thanks again and congratulations on your 100 percent commitment to YouTube…

  5. Man I wish we had a guy like you for inshore saltwater fishing. Not a big bass fisherman but I love your vids.  I actually met you once in a gas station in GA while I was traveling to Alabama. Still can't believe it. Keep up the great work!

  6. awesome video fluke!! as always! so, you mentioned in your video about starting a fishing youtube channel that people would ask you to check out their channel but when you went there they didnt have any videos! since then my brother and I have worked hard on making a lot of quality videos and if you could come watch some of em it would mean a TON!! I even caught a 10 pounder and got the whole fight on film!! and yes it was a ligit 10 pounder and I weigh her on the video!! keep up the great work!!! 🙂

  7. Hey Gene! Awesome Video. The information provided has just upped my game for this year. Also, I remember watching one of your older videos recently and you mentioned you fly fish. Any plans on a fly fishing for bass video/mini series in the future? Thanks and tight lines.

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