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The Woodpecker Baits C4 Frog:

HIGHLY DURABLE, WEEDLESS DESIGN – The Woodpecker Baits weedless frog design allows you to throw the frog over and through cover without constant snagging. The molded eyes of the C4 Frog will not fall or rip off when going through heavy cover or getting eaten by a fish! 


RAZOR SHARP HOOKS, SOFT PLIABLE BODY, THICK SKIRTS –  The soft pliable body and chemically sharpened hooks of the C4 Topwater Frog allow you to catch more fish. The thick sllicone skirts on the C4 Frog are a better imitation of frog legs than the thinner, cheaper alternatives offered. 


FIVE GUARANTEED COLORS – Offered in five unique colors, Hollywood (Pink/Gold), 24 Karat (Gold/Black), Fire-Tiger (Green/Black/Orange), Spinach (Light Green/Yellow), Moldy Tomato (Red/Black Flake). All colors are guaranteed.  


LARGEMOUTH AND SMALLMOUTH BASS – The C4 Frog is ideal for multiple species of fish; it can be used for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and Snakehead. The high quality construction of the C4 Frog offers a superior fishing experience. 


Weight: 7/16 oz. 

Length: 2 7/16 in. 





5 DIFFERENT COLORS included in a durable plastic box. Ships from United States.
SOFT HOLLOW BODY exposes hooks for a better hook up ratio. Weight is 7/16 oz. Length is 2 7/16 in.
FLOATS and can easily be dragged over and through heavy cover(i.e. Lily pads, Hyacinth, etc.) due to our weedless design.
ANTI-RUST COATING protects hooks from corrosion. Has excellent walking action that imitates injured baitfish and frogs.
MOLDED EYES (not stick on) and soft, pliable rubber body make for a superior frog imitation.

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