BIG NUMBERS WHILE BASS FISHING (Smallmouth, Largemouth & Huge Panfish!!!)

I traveled an hour and a half from my home to go bass fishing at Lake Habeeb. The lake is situated within the Rocky Gap State Park in the mountains of Maryland …



  1. Joe Sixer

    Great video, Cornell. I live right up the road from you in WV and watching your videos is like somebody scouting all the local lakes for you. One request, any chance you could take some video of you putting your boat in the water so we can get an idea of what the launches look like at these local spots? Keep up the great work!

  2. Jeremy knoch

    its nice to know that your in it for the fun. i love that you enjoy every fish. thats what its all about. you and tactical need to make a video of you killin it one day. that woukd be funny and awesome. kick ass bro. love to watch

  3. Dwight Hester

    I'd rather catch numbers! in my opinion it keeps you keyed in on bites. the BIG ones, if you DON'T catch them over time I feel you lose focus! great day in the lake homeboy

  4. Kyle Gregg

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the great videos. Ive been fishing a local pond thats highly pressured with little luck. Took your tips on the drop shot and put them to the test today for the first time. caught 4 bass on the 6" plum berry roboworm. thanks again, keep it up!

  5. Lorenzo Martinez

    You make by far best quality videos positive attitude it's great! I definitely think you could have caught some bigger fish if you would have tried out some bigger lures

  6. Chris Webber

    Brought my buddy out smallmouth fishing on lake Champlain. I told him I would put him on his PB which was around 2.5 lbs. He caught a 4 LB 20" smallie that day!

  7. weouchhere

    What size drop shot hook is that and what brand? I'm interested in your Texas rig technique and want to try it! I fish robo worms a lot out here in AZ super clear water…

  8. dameat9932

    yoooooooooo….Cornell….dinks for days man u know how I feel already…..I had no clue that the different lines can float + the other sinks….again thanks for the content brother!

  9. Pinesol Scent

    Heey Cornell, love your videos. I was wondering if you've tried the larger 4" version of the Z Man ned rig. I'd be interested in seeing how it compares to the original in both numbers and quality of fish on your lake.

  10. erik ellett

    Perfect timing for this video. I'll be camping there next weekend and can't wait get out on the kayak to wackem. Thanks for the great lake info I haven't been out there yet.

  11. Mabey Fishing Trio

    We Actually found a way to get both quality and quantity 2 weeks ago, 1st fish, 5 lb bass, and we also caught 20+, 25+ inch pickerel with most pickerel being 30+ only 4 below 20 inches, about 15 above 20 inches, 9-10 above 30 inches, also, the sunfish at 18:45 was a shellcracker the first sunfish was a true bluegill

  12. MrJmak642

    To answer your question, I'd totally prefer to catch fish all day long rather than fish all day for 1 or 2 really large fish. Days like this video and the last one are the days I totally enjoy the most.

  13. Jeremy York

    I never miss any of your vids. They're just too good. A great mix of positive attitude,helpful tips,and loads of fish in the boat or on the bank. It'd be awesome to see you and Mike do another video. You two are great together. As always,I appreciate your vids Cornell. Keep up the great work. But more importantly,keep enjoying yourself. It really shows.

  14. Emil Tjonneland

    Awesome video learned a lot. I have never used the longer leader technique but I'll have to give it a try! Drop shot is always king on these super pressured lakes in Montgomery County.

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