Big Bag Swimbait Pattern For Bass Fishing Florida in Summer

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The swimbait seems to be key for fishing for bass with summer temps. Fish are suspended and targeting shad up in the water column. Using 15lbs flourocarbon and a Powell rod 775 Max 3d I’m casting the bait out and slow rolling it while letting the bait drop back down to the bottom from time to time. It’s almost like gently stroking a swimbait. It’s rigged up on a 3/4oz Gambler Lures Swimbait Jig Head using a Basstrix 6″ hollow body. You have to use your Lowrance sonar to find the fish and mark the pods, then drop a buoy and get to it. Keeping the lure higher in the water column is also super important so you’re fishing it where the bass are set up.


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