Best Bass Lures – The Best Bass Lures For 2010

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The bass lures being listed in this article are all productive and have all been proven to catch bass in various bass fishing situations. However the lures are being listed in no particular order, because at the end of the day the best lure will vary from bass fisherman to bass fisherman. Give all of these lures a shot so that you can determine which lure is the best of these new bass lures for you and your personal bass fishing preferences.

  1. Yum Money Frogs – Yum baits are very effective bass lures because they are manufactured with bass attracting scents in them. Yum soft plastics are very effective fish catching baits. The Money Frog displaces water like nobody’s business, and attracts bass from long distances. This bass lure is very effective when fished over and through weed beds or other places that live frogs are found.
  2. Vibra Flx Double Willow – This Spinnerbaits frame is built from Vibra-Flx wire, which creates more vibration than standard stainless wire when being pulled through the water. The wire is also twice as durable as traditional wire, which means that this lure is twice as tough. The double willow blades create a ton of vibration and flash that hungry bass find hard to resist.
  3. KickTail Minnow – The KickTail minnow won the “best in show” award recently in Europe and is an extremely effective bass lure for 2010. This bait mimics a live shad to an incredible degree and anyone who fishes for bass knows what a food source shad are for bass in many locations. When it comes to the best bass lures for 2010 the KickTail minnow has to be on the list.
  4. Bite Light Lures – Bite light lures electronically blink blood red to attract hungry bass. As weird as this may sound, bite light lures actually work quite well, especially when bass aren’t actively feeding. These bass lures come is 3 varieties including floating, sinking, and deep diving. Bite light crank baits are among the best bass lures for 2010.
  5. DynaFlex Flexible Spinner Bait – This Spinnerbait was actually featured in USA Today and features a thin rubber tube between the hook and the spinner rather than wire like a traditional spinner bait. The result of this is experiencing two times as many hook sets. Bass tend not to “miss” this unique spinner bait because of the flexible tube. Scents can also be added to the flexible tube for added bass attracting power.

If you are a serious bass fisherman, these new bass lures should be added to your tackle box or bag sooner rather than later. Give one or all of them a try and determine which of these lures your personal best bass lure is for your personal bass fishing tendencies.

What Are The Best Lures To Use For Fishing?

The search for the best lure is a never ending journey for the fishermen and this has seen a constant evolution and revolution of fishing gear and accessories over the years. The importance of fishing to feed people and the recreational value has seen the development of various lures specifically used for different fish species. There are many types of lures in materials used, size, shape, color and weight, of which many have been developed for specific fish species, however they can work across fish species very well. Here are some of the typical lures used for fishing.

One of the most popular lures you will find in a fisherman’s tackle box is the long casting or jigging lures. These lures are very good for shallow and not so deep fishing due to their lightness but they are perfect for trout, walleye, stripers, bluefish, tuna and pike. One of the most flexible of lures for a whole range of fish is the standard light casting lure. This lure can be made of any material with the wooden lure probably being better than the others due to the way it sits in the water and the hand painting of various colors. Although it must be said that plastic lures are quite good also. Common fish caught on these lures are bonito, crappies, albacore, bass, bluefish, and oho.

The benefit of heavy standard casting lures is that if you catch a big one, then you are less likely to lose this fish on this heavy duty equipment. Although it is harder to detect those soft nibbles on the line, it is quite possible those fish are too small anyway. Nothing like a hard whack on the end of the line to really bring up the adrenalin on catching that fish. Walleye and bass are common fish caught on these heavy standard casting lures. On the other end of the scale is the smallest lures of all, what is known as diamond lures, these can sparkle like diamonds and are very successful in attracting the attention of fish. These lures are very light and can sit on the water and with its sparkle reflecting off the water and can draw fish from far away. Crappie, bass and stripers are often caught on these diamond lures. Always keep some of these in your tackle box for still and calm conditions and watch the fish leap on them.

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Lures To Use In Fishing – The Best Lures For Catching Your Big One

Choose the Best Lures for Fishing

The fishing industry has evolved by leaps and bounds and accordingly with the rise of the bass fishing industry the fishing accessories and gears has also developed. Also it has given rise to different lures which can be used for various species of fish.

There are several kinds of the lures and the use depends on the kind of fishes you are catching. Some lures are fine for many kind of fishes but some other may work only for particular fishes.

Some of the lures used for the fishing are:

Light Standard Casting Lures

These casting lures are capable to entice a great variety of fishes like Bonita, oho, bluefishes and crappies. The Standard Lures also are good for some variety of bass fish and they are the best when they are taken out from water at low to medium speed. They cross the waters with a undetectably synthetic material.

The sizes of these Standard lures are also appropriate. They come in the range from 1/16 oz to 3 oz.

The painted eye is enticing and allows schooling of fish. This particular feature allows the possibility to trap the fish in the water.

Heavy Standard Casting Lures

These Heavy lures are brilliant for the fishes that are quite heavy like bass and walleye. It is seen that mostly light weight lures are used for fish catching but the heavy lures are known to give much more reliable output as far as fishing is concerned.

Jigging lures/Long Casting

The long tapered jigging lures are among the very popular fishing lures. They are commonly used by the fishermen in Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana.

It has been found out recently that these casting lures work the best when they are used for catching the pike and trout. They are also effective while catching stripers and bluefish. Tuna and walleye can also be caught by these lures.

When you are under the water at the depth of 180-200ft then these lures are inferior to that of the heavy lures. If you are able to design your lure with right color, bait and other accessories then the output can be maximized.

Deadly Diamond Lures

The Deadly Diamond Lures are among the smallest lures with size varying from 1/8 to 1oz. They are very good in attracting fishes and you can see a school of fish within a minute.

This is due to the cut and its structural surface formation. Here there is a diamond like cut at the top handle and this causes the light reflection to strike the surface. These lures work best to catch the crappie, stripers, and varieties of bass fish. The limitation is that these lures can catch only small variety of fishing species.

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