Tim and Matt share their top choices of lures and techniques that will put fish in the boat in the coming months. From reaction to finesse, and even big swimbaits, …


  1. I must be doing something wrong, took my boat out today on Lake Kaweah and got skunked, like hardcore skunked. Threw a jig, a squarebill, a deep diving crank bait. Tried drop shot, Texas rig. Moved to different spots in the lake and barely had two or three bites. So frustrating.

  2. You guys are fantastic. Very informative and there is nothing better then learning about bass fishing when your new at it. When talking about swim Baits could you talk about what rod and real to use with it. Thanks again and keep up the great videos

  3. Thanks for the trash fish hint, won a tournament last night, 3 weigh fish came on the trash fish rigged weedless in shallow grass. Ordered some the night you all posted this video, tournament was on Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee. Everyone else fished deep, deep bite wasn't there, had winning bag before dark because of the trash fish, not too early to throw it if the bait is in the grass.

  4. Hey Matt & Tim, I love your content and am a huge fan!! I fish up in Michigan and I want to get into the S-waver game and you recommend "Lite Trout" as a go to color correct? I am a college student and am on a budget and I fish where there are a lot of Muskie and Pike but also a fair amount of 5-10lb bass. I know a few lakes where the fish will have never seen anything like an R2S S -waver. I also remember you saying you would paint huds bluegill color if trout weren't present in a body of water, so should I go with the "Bluegill" or "You Know It" color of the S-waver over the "Lite Trout" (fish in the bodies of water I fish primarily eat bluegill and perch)? You guys are awesome!! Keep up the great work!

  5. What size Owner hook and jig head style hook do you recommend using with each size of Kietech Fat Swing Impact? You did a great breakdown of trailer size for the swimjig video a while back, looking to get similar breakdown for paddletail pairings. Thanks love the channel.

  6. All bass how to videos be like
    "hey guys in the summer cranbaits and plastics work really well"
    "Now were in the fall we really need to key in on crankbaits and plastics"
    "Since spring is around its a good time to throw shad imitations like crankbaits and plastics"
    "In winter don't forget to fish plastics slow"

  7. I have time following them for the swimbaits, and their advice has worked for me, I am very grateful to you since my fishing has improved a lot, if you can make a video about the trash fish and its various ways of presenting them to the bass, Line, jigs, and the related thing, would be great.

  8. Great video as usual guys. Definitely want to see that 6"/8" trash fish video and can you please explain the difference between the regular and tucked out?

  9. I'd love to see a challenge video where you guys choose a specific bait that is offered in like 10+ colors and try to catch a fish on each individual color that bait is offered in. Be interesting!

  10. Great tips! I will be back up at Clear Lake in September and will have to give these a try. Had the awesome experience of fishing with you (Matt) back in June and learned some invaluable stuff. Keep it up guys! – Matt

  11. Does anyone have a preference on jig brands? I use the snot out of jigs but the paint on the head always chips off and it bothers me😅 do any of you guys know good jig brands where the paint will stay on for a very long time

  12. Great video as usual! And yes, please do a separate video on the trash fish. That's a bait I've been wanting to start fishing but unsure where to start. Thanks guys 👌🏼

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