Bass Tournament Fishing – How much does it cost to fish in tournaments and is it worth it?

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In this video I break down my 2017 and 2018 season from a financial standpoint. The cost to fish in some bass fishing tournaments can get to be very expensive! I break down a good year that I had on the FLW BFL and share with you all my expenses along with a not so good year. In 2017 I was fortunate enough to win a FLW BFL and win angler of the year…..those winnings along with a few other top 10’s made it worth it to a degree. In 2018 I was only able to make a top 13th in points and struggled at a few events…..if you are not in the top 5 on a consistent basis it is very hard to make money fishing at the local level.

Don’t get me wrong fishing and competing on the local level is a lot of fun and I certainly enjoy competing with my peers. The ups and downs of tournament bass fishing is what a lot of live for in the sport! So certainly can make a few bucks if truly do have a solid year but for the most part be prepared to spend a bunch of out of pocket money throughout the course of a tournament season!
Who is SmallmouthCrush?

Travis Manson was born and raised where the giant Smallmouth Bass of the north live…WISCONSIN. He started fishing from the bank at a young age and spent most of his childhood with a rod in his hand. Travis is primarily a self-taught angler that is always learning and experiencing this amazing sport of fishing. He started out fishing for walleyes and fishing in local walleye tournaments, but then in his mid 20’s, he caught the BASS BUG and has been hooked every since. He competed at the highest level in bass fishing on the Bassmaster Elite Series for a number of years. He is a fishing guide offering trips on the Chesapeake Bay for largemouth bass(year round), guided trips for smallmouth back in Wisconsin (during select times) and trophy smallmouth bass guided trips in Upstate New York (May-November) His Youtube Channel is named after his passion for the smallmouth bass and will be used as a platform for “how-to” videos, on the water instruction, crazy on and off the water topics and vlogs on the day in the life of a fishing addict! Hope you enjoy!


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