Bass Patrol Deflection Jig-Pack of 2, Green Pumpkin, 3/8-Ounce

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Deflection jigheads are most commonly rigged with Creature-style or Beaver-style soft plastics. Their free-moving, pivoting, swiveling hook attachment to the football head allows the bait to ‘deflect’ in random directions as it bumps into any available structure. Similar to fishing a crankbait, the most common time to get bit is during these deflections. They were designed for covering lots of water in a shorter periods of time. Large flats with scattered rock would be one example of where to use this lure and technique. Make a long cast and start reeling slow enough to keep in contact with the bottom but fast enough to keep the bait moving.Used for Spotted, Largemouth, and small mouth Bass
-InchFree Motion-Inch design allows the bait to move in multiple directions, unlike normal jig heads
The Eye is recessed to prevent line abrasion


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