Test tank time folks! I do it every off season, but this is the first time I had a camera rolling while I nurse my cabin fever & bass fishing withdrawal. Here’s a look at why a living rubber…


  1. that's a cool video man, that snow storm really crushed us a few weeks ago. Wednesday I almost went out to little Pax River by savage mill to try and catch some fall stocked or early stock trout but it's been too damn cold. Does the Bass pro by us carry the live rubber jigs?

  2. That was a ton of snow in your last video! I don't fish jigs enough, maybe because I'm impatient… I think I'm going to spend this year perfecting my jig fishing techniques. I spent last year figuring out what works best with dropshotting.

  3. You're never going to throw a jig without a trailer, so you shouldn't show the action of one in the tank without one either. How does the living rubber skirt look with a craw or chunk compared to regular skirts?

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