The Lucky Craft Pro Staff talks about different lures they use in various situations. Also, why fishing points is so important. This is footage from the Classic …


  1. "…the ideal perfect point, if you fine one call me. Let me know, my number's in the book because I'd like come fish it with you."


    Hey Gerald, is that offer still stands? I know a couple of such points!

  2. You're a fuckin dumbass dude. Maybe if you would watch fishing shows you'd know what the hell they're talking about. NBCSN has fishing shows on almost all the time, watch them & pay attention jackknife!

  3. my grandpa lives on lake st. helen michigan and it has good bass pike and walley fishing but im not tht good and would like to learn some tips and techniques so if u cud help me tht wud be great

  4. hey moron, some people dont know what a "point" is because we dont watch fishing shows all the time, or even at all. How bout before you start talking about how great "Points" are you explain what a "point" is. Because good fucking luck googling; "fishing points" Do you get me?

  5. Hey it would be helpful if someone can answer this question for me. I just recently bought a blue with blue flake flappin hog and i honestly dont know in what type of situation i should use it in. Like in clear water or dirty water.. I know that it will work at night but in the day time, what type of water will the colo blue be best in?

  6. @9showoffsin1

    You're an absolute moron and whoever liked your comment is too. Lucky Craft lures are state of the art design and quality. Absolutely the best injection molded plastic lures the world has ever seen. The diving lips are tougher and more translucent than any other lure company's. The hooks are razor sharp, the finishes are brilliant. They are like Rapalas on steroids.

  7. @mmmmmarcus so? thats how they git er done honkee, cuz u aint asian, or black, ur a spick or honkee, both are hated, but one is naturally here, so yeah, thats why nothing is made in the usa, just fords and chevys, peices of shit, and if im racist then whatever, as long as i keep it to myself and not post shit on a youtube video for no reason, so you know what, fuck you, i dont even care anymore, get a life and move on, if ur white u rly know about that, u guys used to own plenty of lives

  8. @JARDYBOI6594 i completely agree, i have a black max, 59.99, and silver max, 79.99. Both are great for value, i have a 170$ johnny morris that casts 3/5 as far as the MAXs.

  9. I fish in the Tail Race Canal in SC, and I have seen Bass over 30" long. Im thinking of catching some bream to use as bait I checked the rule on that and as long as you add them to your bag limit, witch is ten then you can use game fish for bait. Can anyone tell me anouther way to catch these monster bass. I like using artificial bait ,stick baits, frogs and other bubble makers, repalas and plastic worms, and I allways have had luck with the purole fire tail, Its pretty much a proven winner.

  10. i feel yall man…i'm those type of guys that wants to do as much stuff as possible in my life time….i love to break dance and fish…i have a lot of dreams in my life too…if your serious about it then go for it….good luck…and hope to see you on the fishing channel one day…showing my son your technipues….

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