Shad pattern in the summer time can pay off. I like to look for shad in the flats, and cast around them. Sometimes in the middle. Looking for that one big fish. Like …


  1. Nice vid man! I'm a huge fan of yours! I fish in Houston as well, having trouble finding new holes with bass.. Any suggestions of any lures or plastics when fishing new waters?

  2. Do you like H20 express lures? I looked them up and only found them on a academy website. It said they come with vmc hooks and they are really cheap. Where did you buy them and nice fish man.

  3. hey man i just went out and bought a abu garcia silver max ambassador baitcaster  and i have a jerk bait on it right now and when im reeling in the reel is reeling really light i tried tighting the drag and everything . just wondering if you knew anything about it thanks

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