Bass Fishing Stockton Lake in 4 Foot White Caps; USA BASSIN Team Tourney!

Bass Fishing Stockton Lake in 4 Foot White Caps; April 8th, 2017!

Randy Yancey & Alan Yancey, Bassin Fools from Bassin Fools on Youtube!

USA BASSIN Team Tourney! Stockton Lake Division, Willy Wears, Tourney Director! State Park ramp, Stockton Lake Missouri.

What a day on Stockton Lake!

4′ white caps on the main lake, fish with ‘apparent’ lock jaw, and a ‘new’ fishing partner all kind of led to a exciting but rather non-productive day of tournament fishing. At least for us any way.

This is Randy Yancey, from Largemouth Bass Nation dot com, and Bassin Fools channel on Youtube!

My brother Alan, from Kansas City, Mo and I, decided we’d fish the USA Bassin Divisional tournament at Stockton Lake Missouri! It had been 2 years since I’d last fished Stockton, but they were launching out of Stockton State Park ramp, and on that lake, that was one of my favorite parts of the lake to fish.

We’d had a warming trend after a couple of days of thunder storms and rain. Projected highs were supposed to be around 75 degrees at 3 pm, the official weigh in time for the tournament. I’d noticed in the forecast the day before (Friday, April 7th) it was going to be a warm windy day, especially for April in Missouri. Winds were predicted to be 9 to 13 mph, from the south, from 7 am until weigh in. I wish the weather man could of been with us at 2 pm, when wind gusts on the main lake hit 25-30 mph and it turned out to be low 80’s for the high. We’d have put him on the bow, in order to keep in down a little in the 4 even 5 foot white caps we encountered when we passed the island, and began heading south the 2 or so miles to the ramp. lol. But, that’s a story for another time. As you can see in the short video below, even in the east/west creek arms we fish, the white caps were there too, just only 1-2 feet!

All in all, we had a great time! Fishing with Alan, my youngest brother of 5 boys, is always fun, though sometimes he can be a pain! We started out throwing spinner baits, and crank baits. Then under spins, jigs, and tube lures. Swim baits too were tried. All to led to little results.

Recap total, 1 barely 8″ largemouth, and finally 1, that barely measured Stockton lake’s 15″ minimum.! Congrats to Alan though, he finally brought in more fish than me!

If you are a fisherman, and have wanted to fish a tournament trail that wasn’t $100 or up, then, like me, you should check out USA Bassin Team Trail bass tournaments at They,at least here in southwest Missouri, have a tournament almost every weekend, that you and a partner won’t have to spend a C-note (that’s a benjamin to our younger viewers) to fish; and the divisions lead to a regional, which leads to a good chance at fishing the Championship in Kentucky and haver a shot at winning a new fully decked Ranger fiberglass or a Ranger Aluminum fully rigged bass boat.

A special mention to Willy Wears of Springfield, Missouri! Willy is the tournament director for the Stockton Lake and Table Rock Lake divisions, and both makes you feel like a pro, but runs a professional, fun tournament also. Contact Willy at ‘’ for details (tell em Randman011 sent you) This is a non-solicited, non-paid endorsement by the way! You’ll have fun, and there won’t always be 4-5 white caps on the lakes we fish!

If you have a brother that you know you can out-fish, subscribe to our youtube channel;  Bassin Fools on Youtube and contact Willy, grab your brother and come fish a tournament trail that is both fun, and can be rewarding! Oh, you can fish alone too. Probably spend less in entry fees even fishing alone and paying both halves, than you spend for a non-boater entry at most other tournament trails!

Thanks and Tight lines,

Randy Yancey,  Largemouth Bass Nation dot com and Bassin Fools on Youtube!

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