Bass Fishing Pomme de Terre; 3 spotted bass and a Bluegill 6 11 17

Bass Fishing Pomme de Terre; 3 Kentucky Bass and a Bluegill June 11 2017. Winds to 25 mph gust, water temp afternoon on sunny banks up to 78-79 degrees. Water Clarity was 1-3 feet (stained). The bass weren’t on the banks, but out in 10-15 feet. Wouldn’t hit the 2.5 square bill (runs 2-5 feet) but they would hit a Series 4 Strike King which runs 6-10 dependent on cast length and pound test. Fished from 12:30 to about 7 pm only, and it was windy and kinda hot (lower 90’s).Going to pre-fish tomorrow, June 16th, for a @USA Bassin tournament on Saturday the 17th.!
Randy of @largemouthbassnation dot com.


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