Bass Fishing Lake Del Valle, Ft. Matt Frazier -Episode index below – :21 Prespawn …


  1. Dude no disrespect but man you need to learn how to handle a fish. I watched your video and while interesting it is apparent that you are not comfortable handling fish.  You drop every fish and release fish poorly.

  2. Targeting bedding fish is lame. I enjoy your videos, but why promote that style of fishing? All tourney fisherman will do that and those fish are not released back to their bed. What does that say about conservation and the future of the sport? If it wasn't for the state DNR stocking fingerings every year, bass fishing would be dead.

  3. cool yes I was there one day couple years ago after they stock trout and some of the trout are still stunned I guess from the stuff they put in the tank it was straight across from the launch ramp swimming on the surface and there was I'm not even lying at least 4050 pound stripers Chase in them and busting them and I put on a fluke on a spinning rod but it did have braids on the spinning rod but I hooked one and I couldn't even stop it and them getting off

  4. I have fished my whole life but just recently started becoming serious about learning how to bass fish. That's when I found your channel and it has really helped. I don't know if it has just been dumb luck but I end up catching two 11 lbs in one week on the delta. (not spot fishing) I have to think that you played a part in that. So I just wanted to say thank you for the tips and great vidios. They have made a difference.

  5. Nice video Nick just seeing that 14 pounder swimming by you guys was enough to know that they are out there and bigger than that too! I'm going for my first bass soon and your videos has increased my knowledge of how to fish for them, thanks a lot.

  6. Lol OK yeah they still always kick me out all the time there are some huge bass in there and like you said you been fishing there since you were young and I've been fishing there for a long time for years and years there's are some huge stripers in there too thanks for the video guys

  7. okay guys question did you guys get a special permission from the Rangers to fish around the marina because I've been fishing Del Valle for 20 years and every time I would try to fish around the marina they would kick you out so you can't fish around the marina so I was just wondering

  8. Don't know the official name, we always called those snakes Red Racers lol…another great vid Nick! Been wanting to get to Del Valle, so I can try and land my first smallie! Keep up the good work my man!

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