Bass Fishing with a Football Jig can be difficult and hard to gain confidence in. Here is how I like to fish it.


  1. Gene, thank you for your comprehensive videos.  Beyond the jig technique, I really appreciated your handling of the fish with the hook in it's stomach.  Came across a similar situation, and didn't know what to do… I do now. Thanks.

  2. If anybody wants to get educated on fishing for bass with evetthing bass like subscribe to the flukemaster (it is free) Just when I think I have enough videos in my library I have to have the next and the next etc.

  3. Great video sir. I usually fish on a kayak, and drag a Texas rig with a senko while drifting on a lake…But never a jig, they seem to be easier to fish faster. I'll give a try, thanks for teaching us how to fish

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