Back to basics this time. I go through the differences in setting the hook with single style hooks like jigs and texas rigs VS treble hook or exposed hook style baits. VIDEOS FORM LAST TIME…


  1. Being brand new to fishing chatterbaits (I was using a Z Man Original) I missed a couple of large bass yesterday. When I set the hook I pulled up forcefully (so I thought) but did not jerk up the rod hard with a smashing bone jarring set. Do larger fish need a harder hook set? I would have enjoyed netting these two as they might have been PB's!! The smaller ones didn't come off. Thanks for your videos too – I enjoy them!

  2. nah bro I hook set till I hear drag slip. And most times do double or triple hooksets to dig them hooks in. I dont care what anyone says I run braid most times and never worry about breakoffs and catch almost 100% of the fish I hook
    Thats why we have soft rods for dropshotting, even if you hookset like a mad men generally wont even be much since the shock is absorbed by the ml rod and leader.

  3. your hook set differ much from most of the TV shows…see alot of the Samurai warrior hook sets. I trout fish myself and only takes a flick of the wrist

  4. What about wacky rig senkos? I lost way too many fish today with wacky senkos. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if the fish are just grabbing the side of the worm and not the hook

  5. just a question i have, when i am using a finesse worm and i feel the bite, should i wait a second or two then set the hook or just set once i feel the bite? today i lost a few fish cause of this confusion.

  6. Question for anybody out there: I lent my regular rod to a friend and was stuck with my 5' Ugly Stik from when I was a kid. Today I went fishing with that rod and a package of Zoom Brush Hogs. I lost about 2 or 3 bass because I could barely feel em strike, so I didn't set the hook well. Could this just be because of the small rod?

  7. Howzit man. I like your vids. Cool.
    I'm from South Africa and fish the local tourneys in the Western Cape region. It's not like I don't know how to catch fish. I've made the Junior National team last year catching smallies. I wanted to ask: Do you set the hook as a fish taps your bait? Or do you feel the taps…wait for him to start swimming, then set the hook?

    I've seen quite a few anglers do both these hooksets. I don't know if you could explain it but, sometimes when I set a hook on my pitching setup(17lb), I feel the weight, reel down and set the hook really hard. The fish fights and spits the hook. It's happened to me many times with big fish. Is there a way I could set the hook any better? 

  8. Inspiring video. For both the techniques you're sharing and the production value. As a newbie to bass and making videos, this was very helpful. Thanks.

  9. Funny – I'm watching a dozen videos on "how to set the hook", and half say to set the moment you feel anything, because otherwise the bass will spit it out, and half say wait and don't be too quick or you'll take the bait away from the fish. Seems like even the pros don't agree on this fundamental issue.

  10. i learn so much from you and i am a huge fan but my only problem is i cant find all of the lake fork tackle in upstate ny in the aderondacks were i do my bass fishing mabey you could send me some stuff it would really help me out if you can email me and we can work it out

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