Guys, this was the trip of a lifetime! Even though I got broke off by the 2 “grandes” (peacocks over 20 pounds) I still had a blast and plan on returning every year for as long as I live. Call…


  1. well u can go to venezuela headwaters fishing club i just went there yestrday and i had lots of fun i catched some monsters! the plane ticket wud be like 600 in a low season and a week wud be like 800 dollars if u exchange it into bolivars in venezuela if u pay in dollars it wud be like 5000 dollars

  2. I saw the crocs! Ha ha! There is one of these in a lake we fish Steve. It is like 15 + lbs. I am scared to use my Pflueger on it because it could mess it up. What set up do you suggest for that beast? I caught 12 peas yesterday. I want to plan a nother trip with you too. Still got the same prices?

  3. Hey thanks a lot Carlos! I still love our Florida peacocks too!

    The trip was a lot of fun. I hope you could gather that through the video…that was the idea anyways.

    Oh yeah and I apologize about the profanity but you just get caught up in the moment, forget your filming etc…I also prefer RAW unedited footage myself. It makes you feel like you are there. Anyone can lay a soundtrack over a video and make it look interesting.

    I am glad you enjoyed it and I will keep them coming!


  4. I really enjoyed that video and those are some really nice fish. They do not fight like that down here in Miami. I guess its the Amazon that has mutated the fish to fight like it does there. I still love my Florida Peacock bass though. Good job!

  5. I fish with a group of Brazilians down there…the Amazon Prince is one of our boats and the boat I was on is called the Iemenja. The Brazilian owned outfits have access to different rivers like Uatama & Jatapu. The American outfitters down there do not have the proper arrangements with the locals to fish these rivers. I am going back next October with a group of Americans. If you would like to go please let me know and I will tell you all about the trip.

    Tight lines,


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