A fishing show with a kick! Filmed in the GREAT city of London, Ontario, Canada.


  1. Great videos. Have me laugh all the way through them. Just curious. Been fishing the south pond a bit lately. How far from shore does it drop off and also in this video you just casting out and letting the bass do the rest or are you reeling in?

  2. please do the fish a favor and hold them with two hands if you gonna put them hoizontal for the cam …….. you can damage there jaw and they might not eat for days maby even die …… just saying if you gonna use only one hand hold them vertical …its better for the fish witch means better for fishery……..catch and release only works if the fish are kept healthy and unhurt ……other than that it was a good video …… tight lines

  3. hey Brian, can you tell me which of your videos has the people taking the inflatable boat over the labatt falls I've been searching and it's been on my mind, thanks pal keep up the good work look forward to seeing more of it

  4. Hey do you eat anything from Pond Mills? I was thinking cause I live right down the road from it. My only thought is the hospital is right there might have run off or something.

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