All-Season Bass Fishing Jerkbait Strategies With KVD

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  1. d rouse

    I'm the 1000th like .Woohoo !! I have an old spoonbill Rebel and a sponnbill Rogue . I wonder how well and deep they work if weighted to suspend .

  2. Fishing with Cobra

    Now why not Braided Line with a Jerk Bait my Friend ? I have used Light line and Break off way more then Hook Fish !
    What I notice is the Ripping is the KEY when Catching Bass on Braided Line ! I get a much faster Hook Set and I don't
    break off ever ! I do use some Floro but, more as a finder and a Tiny Split Shot in front of the Nose of the Bill does AWESOME !

  3. Brackish Society

    It's pretty awesome how KVD is talking about how jerkbaits can cause reactionary strikes if it's in the view of bass and why jerkbaits can be viewed as a year-round lure because it is exactly what I've experienced during the summer and fall and is why I heavily and religiously experiment, learn, and utilize this technique!

  4. grnewhall

    @wired2fish, why don't you use braid? can get smaller diameter with more poundage, and no stretch. Just curious. You're the pro, not me. I'm nowhere close to that. Most bass fisherman i know are going all braid, some with a 3-5'shot of flouro.

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