A How To Guide On Winter to Spring Bass Fishing – 1606

In this episdoe of Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook host Wade Middleton takes a look at how cold fronts and warm fronts are always changing how and where you catch bass. His special guests are Cabela’s Pro Staffers Clark Wendlandt and James Niggemeyer both seasoned touring pros with decades of bass fishing experiance under the belt at bodies of water across the nation.

The Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook is hosted by Wade Middleton and produced by CarecoTV and features some of the best how to catch fish information you can find. On any given video clip or episode you’ll see Wade, touring pros and industry insiders providing information on how to catch fish, where to find bass, how to fish crankbaits, worms, topwaters, swimbaits and many other fishing lures

You will also learn the best ways to read your sonar, GPS, mapping and more so that when you go to a new body of water your fishing it like someone who has been there forever.

You can also learn how to choose a fishing rod and reel, fishing line, tie knots, rig your boat, and have fun fishing some of the best locations in the world as well as those right near your hometown.

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