Here is a great fishing video to help anglers catch more bass with jerkbaits. This is not your cold water typical jerkbait video. Check it out! Lots of fish catches!


  1. When fishing a jerkbait in dirtier water what do you look for to tell you have a bite ? When I'm fishin them in open water I'll feel a thump but when I start reeling it's wood or stray weeds . I've never had much success with these but I need to learn them asap bc I got a hs tournament on Toledo bend in late January 😬😬

  2. Why is it some folks fish for catfish and they jerk straight up and folks jerk to the side with Bass? Does it matter how to jerk it with the pole you have or the bait you're using?

  3. another tip, remove the bill of the lure and on some it will run great on the surface depending on the shape of the nose..Lipless JerkBait Paulpro Tip.. My trick works great with the Rebel minnow 3.5", 2.5" and the 1 3/4" for finesse do a youtube search "lipless rebel minnow" plenty vids to learn from. Thanks for watching! don't forget to like and subscribe

  4. I feel confident in my cadence and retrieval when using a jerkbait, but identifying a strike is still a little hard for me. Do you look for a jump in the line? Should you feel the thump? What about on a windy day when your line will be swaying in the wind? Thanks!

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