Lure: Underspin Trailer: Keitech 2nd Trailer: Zoom Fluke Jr. Rod: 7′ St. Croix Avid Reel: Lews …


  1. Would just like to thank you for making this video! Have not had much luck lately fishing at our local lake in NC and decided to give this technique a try today. I did not have any underspins in my box so i took a trip this morning down to Bass Pro in Cary Nc. I ended up picking up the Blakemore 1/2 oz with a silver willow leaf blade. I had a bunch of 4" Keitech swim baits in multiple colors. Started the day with a shakey head and had no luck. Tied on the underspin and used the technique you used in this video. Cast it out,let it sink to the bottom, super slow retrieve back in. Needless to say the technique worked!!! 1st fish..2 1/2 pounder. second fish..4 pounder. Third fish 4 1/2 pounder. Forth fish 5pounder. And to top it off the best fish of the day a 7lber!! Bama Bass FTW:}

  2. Keep the videos coming please it will get me through the rough winter lol I'm so happy when I see notification that bamabass uploaded a video I drop everything to catch a few minutes of holy s**t moments thanks again for all your vids!

  3. Another great video Stephen. A while back you had shown your castable "deeper" sonar, would be nice to see how it compared to your Hummingbird on that creek channel/school of fish.

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