Month: December 2017

When to Fish Riprap With a Jerkbait

When it comes to fishing rocky lead-in banks or riprap, jerkbaits tend to fall by the wayside as anglers favor crankbaits. Mike McClelland have been quietly taking advantage of a jerkbait, especially under conditions where bass shift just off the break and suspend. This often happens when the wind dies down and the water clears, …

Baits That Actually Catch Fish; Square Bills by BassMan Randy

Baits That Actually Catch Fish Square Bills Re-posted by BassMan Randy Randy ‘BassMan’ Yancey’s series of videos: Baits That Actually Catch Fish! Click on the pictures below to go to the best buys on these! Some of the best fishing catching baits reviewed on this series of Videos! Square Billed Crank Baits!