10-Pound-Plus Jig Blackfish while Kayak Fishing!

Blackfish jigging. A 10-pound-plus blackfish caught on a blackfish jig while kayak fishing. Jigging for blackfish.



  1. J Doug

    nice I have a hard time with these what is a good trick to catching these I get very impatient the nibbling always gets me I resort to my fluke techniques

  2. Alona Artisskis

    John, Have tried to use this jig for Fluke fishing ? if you did is the technique the same as with bucktails? I read that this jig was designed for fluke fishing.

  3. F1S

    SOS John, Took up a lot of interest in strip bass fishing lately and been going all the time, but keep getting skunked. I'm throwing sp minnows, diamond jigs, and even bunker but i don't know what im doing wrong. Been fishing the fire island inlet in long island (democrat point). 

    Love the videos

  4. Kevin Kim

    Beautiful blackfish there! Congratulations on the catch I'm looking to get me a 10lber for my birthday later this month. A few pictures and will definitely be going back on it's somewhat merry way.

  5. Jeremiah Giles

    An inshore kayak fishing for beginners tutorial video or perhaps a book on it would be very helpful for us shore bound anglers who need to expand their fishing capabilities

  6. Jeremiah Giles

    Do you have any tips for flounder fishing techniques around rocks and oyster bars? I live in Georgia and i did well using jigs and gulp. Even caught a 22 inch flounder, i just want a more effective and snag free method…

  7. Eoghanbass2000

    If only more people would put the bigger ones back. Chances are they are females (Im talking all species here in general). I see it a lot with Sea Bass (European), where we are almost certain Bass over 5/6Ib are Female. 

  8. Jlandau763

    Hey John, just ordered over a dozen wobble jigs. Is green the preferred color for Tog? Can't wait to use them & hit the structure next week when I'm home from school!

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